“Lina Mercer is a consummate professional whose words and actions epitomize the term, “client service.”  In a very challenging real estate market, Lina was incredibly responsive, proactive, patient, and understanding as she led us through our home purchase.

The deck was stacked against her from the get-go; the property was bank owned and we were overseas and not readily within reach most of the time.  Additionally the title search came back with a plethora of issues which created stress and delays. In the middle of all this–the FDIC took over the bank which created still more stress and delays and more questions and concerns from us.

Lina anticipated all issues before they happened and when blind sighted by the unforeseeable, such as the results of the title search, she reacted with proactive communication and superior responsiveness to our concerns. She worked tirelessly and repeatedly on contract extensions to give the seller additional time to clear the title, scheduled inspections for us, insured storm damage was repaired by the seller during the process, grass cut, etc.Bottom line–Lina Mercer has been battle tested in her profession and excelled with the highest grade possible. Her capacity and energy are truly incredible, her judgment impeccable. We would not only both sell and buy property through her again, we strongly recommend her to all–family, friends and complete strangers.
Hugely Satisfied Customers–Dave and Elisabeth