The Presidents Dogs

It’s almost President’s Day and I thought it might be interesting to talk about
some of the dogs who had Presidents.

George Washington, the father of our country, had four hounds named
Drunkard, Taster, Tipler, and Tipsy.  Kinda casts old George in a different
light, doesn’t it?

John Adams, who was rather well-known for being difficult, had a dog named

Abraham Lincoln, a forward thinker and the Great Emancipator, named his dog
Fido – boring!

Ulysses Grant called his dog Faithful, but he might have been better off
with one of Washington’s dogs.

James Garfield’s dog had an interesting name – Veto.  Guess we know who ran
the White House during that administration.

Theodore Roosevelt had terriers – Pete, Jack, Peter, and Blackjack, showing
an appalling lack of creativity in the naming process.  There was also a
Skip, and I can see him now – “Hi, I’m Skip.  This is my brother Pete and my
other brother Peter.”

Warren Harding had Laddie Boy and Old Boy.  One can only hope they were both

Silent Cal Coolidge seemed to favor famous names for his dogs.  Among them
were Rob Roy, Peter Pan, Calamity Jane, Tiny Tim, and King Cole.  (He also
had two lion cubs named Tax Reduction and Budget – wonder how they would
have gotten along with Garfield’s Veto!)

Herbert Hoover had King Tut and Big Ben, along with the redundant Pat and

Franklin Roosevelt’s little Fala is probably one of the best know
Presidential dogs, and the only one to have a statue.  At the Roosevelt
Memorial, Fala is there, right beside the President as he always was in