HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring on 2012

My mom was talking about something she read on the internet last night.  It said that roughly 10% of renters are making a resolution to buy a home in the New Year.  If you’re in that group, then my mom is the one to call.  She can help you make your resolution a reality.

Mom and I made our own list of resolutions for the New Year.

Resolution #1:

Mom – Help as many people as possible realize the dream of owning a home.

Me – Use helping Mom at property inspections as an opportunity to trim the middle – I’ve gotten a little bit “fluffy” this past year.

Resolution # 2:

Mom – Reduce the frustration and stress for new home buyers – help clear the way to happy ownership.

Me – Reduce Mom’s stress by remembering that furniture is no longer a tree.  I’ll limit my marking to the trees that grow outside.

Resolution # 3:

Mom – Every day I deal with real estate, agents, brokers, mortgage companies, title agencies, inspection services, credit reports and all the other things that go with buying a home.  But for my clients, it’s a new and scary place.  I’ll remember that and work to take the scary out of the process.

Me – I won’t bark at the delivery people as much.  Sure, it’s kinda fun to see them get scared, and it makes me feel good when they back off, but I’m going to try to give them a break.

Resolution # 4:

Mom – I’ll work on my patience.  Everything I do takes patience and perseverance.  I’m going to continue to persevere to make things happen, but recognize that sometimes you just have to be patient.  I’ll share this with my clients.

Me – I’ll work on my patience.  When nature calls in the middle of the night, I’m going to work on “holding it” until the morning.  I’m also going to be more patient with all the cutesy bandanas Mom makes me wear.  She likes them and goes to a lot of trouble to make them, so I’ll just put up with the way they feel and how the other dogs tease me.

Resolution # 5:

Mom – I will expand my circle of friends.  Every new client will become a friend who will enrich my life and hopefully I’ll be able to enrich theirs as well.

Me – I’ll try to be more appropriate when I meet new humans.  Somehow, I don’t think they appreciate a good butt sniff the way my canine friends do.


Happy New Year!


Much Love in 2012