Play Date!

Scarlett here.  Went with Mom to look at a house for her business.  She helps other dogs find new homes for their people.  I was a really good girl and waited patiently while she looked at things and talked to people and when we were done, we went to the park!    I love, love, love the park!  We went to Chesapeake City Park and Mom let me run in the little dog part.  I’m quite sure that I would be fine over there in the big dog part – those overgrown pups would know better than to mess with me! – but you know how Mom’s are.  It was the little dog side for me.  Still, it was great fun!  I made new friends with Rex, an adorable beagle who loved to chase anything that moved.  I’m getting to be an older lady now, so I was content to watch Rex strut his stuff across the yard.  I also met Millie, a Boston Terrier with the cutest little black and white face.  Millie and I played tug of war with a stick and I was the winner!

When play time was over, Mom walked around the park and checked out things for the Chesapeake Winefest, coming on October 29.  Mom’s going to have a booth set up for all her friends, the ones she knows and the new ones she’s going to meet.  Mom and I have a deal – she gets the wine, but she throws me a grape every now and then.  It’s a fun time every year, so come on by and say hello!